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If you’re in the market for a WordPress theme for your new website, you’ll undoubtedly encounter Elegant Themes as one of the top contenders.

Elegant Themes, founded by Nick Roach in his college apartment, has earned its place as one of the most prominent WordPress theme repositories. What began with a collection of 80+ themes and a handful of plugins has since evolved into a hub housing two powerful themes – Divi (check out our comprehensive Divi theme review) and Extra – along with three premium plugins designed to help you expand your online presence.

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But the critical question remains: are Elegant Themes’ offerings the right fit for your website? And does the $89/year membership fee set by Elegant Themes truly justify its value?

In this thorough Elegant Themes review, we will dissect all that this WordPress theme provider has to offer, empowering you to make an educated decision.

By the time you reach the end, you should have a clear idea of whether an Elegant Themes membership is a worthwhile investment.

Let’s get started!

 What is Elegant Themes?

Elegant Themes specializes in crafting WordPress themes and plugins, offering them through a convenient membership system. Unlike many other WordPress theme companies that require you to individually purchase premium themes at often steep prices, Elegant Themes provides access to its entire product lineup with a single subscription. Each theme in their collection is distinguished by its exquisite design, diverse layouts, captivating color schemes, and underpinned by clean and well-structured code.

The dedication and expertise of the Elegant Themes team have firmly established them as a top-tier WordPress theme provider. Recommendations for Elegant Themes abound on platforms such as Reddit, Quora, and numerous other forums. Furthermore, this esteemed theme repository boasts an impressive and ever-growing customer base, currently exceeding 649,032 satisfied clients.

To top it off, the store lets its customers use all of the company’s themes, plugins, and layouts on an unlimited number of websites.

Now that you have some idea about the Elegant Themes’ background, let’s take a closer look at its offerings.

WordPress Themes: Divi and Extra

At the time of composing this article, Elegant Themes presents two premium WordPress themes: Divi and Extra. Let’s delve into the functionality of each.


Divi is a web designer’s ultimate tool and stands as the flagship product within Elegant Themes’ collection. It boasts a template and visual builder that empowers you to craft virtually any type of website you can envision. Whether your aim is to launch an eCommerce platform, establish a WordPress blog, or create a B2B microsite, Divi’s versatile capabilities ensure that you can customize the design and layout to your precise preferences.

With an extensive offering, Divi provides access to an impressive array of resources, including 150 layout packs and over 1000 pre-designed site layouts. What’s even more remarkable is the continuous addition of fresh layouts on a weekly basis. Notably, Elegant Themes organizes these layouts into categories, streamlining the process for website owners to swiftly locate the ideal design for their needs.

And to make things really simple, Divi comes pre-packaged with a powerful drag and drop page editor – Divi Builder. The tool lets you organize rows, columns, and exclusive Divi elements to create your own unique layouts (without requiring any knowledge of code).

In the latest updates to the Divi theme, the Divi Builder now offers seamless access directly from the live, front-end interface. This revolutionary feature enables you to make real-time customizations to your website’s design. All you need to do is insert a module on your website’s homepage or any internal page, and you can instantly commence the customization process.

To make things really easy, Elegant Themes has packed over 40 content modules in the Divi Builder, making website setup even faster. You can use them to add images, sliders, counters, CTAs, and so much more.

Furthermore, you have the capability to tailor the selected modules to your exact requirements, encompassing content, color schemes, animations, and border shadows. This level of customization grants you complete control over the visual appearance of your theme, consequently shaping the overall look and feel of your website.

These features we’ve discussed represent just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Divi’s offerings. The theme also incorporates an array of additional functionalities, including built-in marketing tools, split testing capabilities, and seamless compatibility with WooCommerce. If you’re eager to gain an in-depth understanding of its full potential, we highly recommend delving into WPKube’s exhaustive Divi theme review, where we meticulously explore every facet of this renowned solution.


Following the success of Divi, Elegant Themes introduced ‘Extra,’ a product tailored for magazines, blogs, and websites abundant in content. Extra leverages the power of the Divi Builder plugin, streamlining the website creation process.

The theme’s default homepage layout offers an elegant grid format, allowing you to prominently feature your most compelling content. You can employ mini-article sliders, post carousels, customizable widgets, and tabbed sections to provide previews of your work.

An exciting aspect of the Divi Builder within Extra is the inclusion of post-based modules, known as the Category Builder. With this feature, you can harness the builder’s intuitive drag-and-drop capabilities on your category pages. This empowers you to craft distinctive category pages that offer precise control over the presentation of content lists, including blog posts and portfolio items, across your website.

For instance, you can utilize the Category Builder to create an eye-catching carousel-themed slider that showcases a list of posts along with their featured images.

In addition to the Divi Builder, Extra boasts a built-in review system. This tool incorporates an integrated user rating system, enabling your website visitors to rate your posts. By implementing this review system on your content-rich website, you can enhance visitor engagement and gain valuable insights into your content’s reception.

Furthermore, Extra offers a range of other notable features, including:

  1. WooCommerce Integration: Extra seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, enabling you to monetize your website by selling eCommerce products, services, or digital downloads.
  2. Projects and Products Support: In addition to standard blog posts, Extra fully supports the showcasing of projects and products. This is especially beneficial for designers looking to display their recent projects with ease.
  3. Mega Menus: Extra empowers you to create visually appealing dropdown menus, allowing users to explore all the content available on your website effortlessly.

While Elegant Themes places a significant emphasis on Divi, Extra was introduced to simplify website creation for online publications and bloggers – and it unquestionably delivers. It is a versatile and aesthetically pleasing theme that any content creator or magazine owner would eagerly embrace.

Elegant Themes Support and Updates

As an Elegant Themes member, you gain entry into a comprehensive support ecosystem. This includes access to their support forums, a wealth of detailed documentation, and the assistance of a dedicated customer support team, accessible round the clock via live chat. If, by any chance, you don’t receive an immediate response, a member of the support team will promptly follow up with you via email.

In addition, you’ll be able to join the exclusive Facebook group, interact in community discussion boards, and attend local meetups to get all your queries answered one way or another.

And don’t forget to check out Elegant Themes’ YouTube channel. With plenty of new videos being released on a frequent basis, anything looking to learn about the Divi, Extra, etc. will never run short on guidance.

In addition to delivering exceptional customer support, Elegant Themes consistently rolls out regular updates to guarantee seamless compatibility of its themes and plugins with the latest WordPress versions. Furthermore, these updates bring about enhancements in functionality and bolster the security of your website.

 Elegant Themes Pricing

Elegant Themes offers two distinct membership options:

  1. Yearly Membership – Priced at $89 per year
    • Grants access to all Elegant Themes’ products and plugins
    • Includes community access, premium support, and regular product updates.
  2. Lifetime Membership – Available for a one-time fee of $249
    • Encompasses all the features of the yearly plan
    • Provides lifetime support and continuous updates.

It’s worth noting that regardless of the membership plan you choose, Elegant Themes offers a generous 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your membership, you can request a 100% refund with no questions asked.

 Pros and Cons

👍 Pros:

  • Ideal for business owners with limited technical skills
  • Intuitive front-end page design offering real-time previews
  • A wealth of stunning templates to ignite your creativity
  • Seamless integration with email marketing services and eCommerce platforms
  • Comprehensive support infrastructure, featuring a dedicated Facebook group, informative tutorials, and live chat
  • Remarkable value, including the option for a single, lifetime access payment

👎 Cons:

  • No option to purchase individual themes
  • The abundance of features may appear overwhelming to novice website owners
  • Lack of in-depth documentation tailored for developers


In conclusion, Elegant Themes seamlessly combines exceptional themes with a rich array of features, delivering a truly unparalleled website building experience. With Divi currently ranking among the world’s most popular themes, the undeniable value offered by joining the Elegant Themes membership club becomes evident.

Furthermore, the 30-day money-back guarantee ensures you can explore their products risk-free to see if they align with your preferences.

Unlock Elegant Themes

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